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Wiring IB Educators

An Online Forum through which IB educators can get together and discuss innovative teaching methods in an online platform


Preksha Jain


My thesis is about Online IB (International Baccalaureate) Education. To explain the issue that I am looking into, COVID-19 changed the world of education to a large extent. We saw everything going remote from schools, to offices, to everything else. The concept of online school was frustrating for most of us in the starting because there wasn’t much clarity on what’s going to happen and how online school would work. Overtime there were many people who started to get comfortable with it and in fact preferred it at times due to the flexibility it had to offer, but there are still many problems that students and teachers face in online learning. Teachers specifically have a hard time in making class more engaging because it’s all very new. They never planned on teaching online, especially the older ones, and thus never really got proper training for it. My goal is to help IB educators to teach effectively in an online platform and ensure that education for the IB Diploma is provided to everyone regardless of any situation that may arise.


Throughout the year, there were lots of challenges that I faced in my thesis. One of the major challenges was to zero in on an idea and become as specific as possible. When I started of my project, I knew that I wanted to do something around the field of education, but I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do in that. However, after conducting research I finalized on an idea. Another main challenge was to reach out to IB educators from different schools across the nation that would be willing to talk about their experience in during online school. Initially the plan was to have a certified IB educator put up a post on the website explaining a method that they found to be effective in class, however due to time constraints that wasn’t possible


Wiring IB Educators is an online forum for IB educators, through which they can get together and discuss innovative teaching methods in an online school platform. Teachers didn’t plan on teaching online, especially the older ones, they never got proper training and thus it’s important for them to have access to such resources. This platform would become a medium for them to discuss ways to make classes more effective and engaging. They can share their experiences with other teachers and help each other in the process. IB also recently announced that they are planning to start a pilot online program through which students can get their IB Diploma by studying remotely so this platform can be used extensively for that. This could be a portal that schools can get access to on a subscription basis and provide the service to their teachers for their growth. Wiring IB Educators would start off in India and eventually expand worldwide

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