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Your Daily Bits

Your Daily Bits, news catered to you


Laylah Dinkins

Alyssa Vitalino

Pierina Avila



The inspiration of this capstone is born out of our personal experience with engaging and news. News is at the touch of our fingertips, yet many people are unaware of certain subjects because it doesn’t capture their attention. In our capstone, In our weekly meetings with each other, we would highlight how we’ve been consuming news and what key aspects could be noted in our project. We wanted to get a better understanding of how consumers receive news and possibly find opportunities in which we could apply at Frame. Our capstone project focuses on the themes of accessibility and personalization.


Throughout the process of developing our final concept, we encountered a few roadblocks that we had to work together as a team to solve. The first challenge was finding time to meet as a group that accommodated us all. This was very difficult because we were all busy with work, school and personal life. We quickly came up a scheduled that allowed us to work on the capstone efficiently. The second challenge was finding supporting research that would strengthen our concept. It was particularly difficult to find research on the importance of widgets on the iPhone, as it is a pretty recent update. The final challenge we faced was creating a strong narrative for story telling that would be compelling and inspiring. After all the research we’ve done, it was difficult to create a narrative that would highlight everything we’ve done throughout the semester.


Our final outcome and concept was building a Frame app that would allow readers access to content at the touch of their fingertips. The app would have users Daily Bits”, that would offer three news content based on their profile personalization answers upon completion.Along with an app, our product was accompanied with a widget that would allow users to be able to have Frame to be more accessible.

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