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A space for sensory connection and enlightenment



Fernanda Zorrilla Gonzalez


Allow me to introduce ASCENE, a sensorial experience room designed to engage all of your senses. My approach is founded on a combination of theories, including awe, aromatherapy, color theory, and rhythm theory, which work together to facilitate a transformative headspace. ASCENE offers a unique opportunity for individuals to engage in sensory connection with themselves, with students booking 20-minute sessions to reduce stress and anxiety while experiencing the positive effects of healing spaces. My hypothesis is that by engaging multiple senses simultaneously, we can facilitate a more profound connection with oneself and create an environment conducive to relaxation and healing.


See the project video: 


I encountered challenges related to the limitations of the current state of generative video AI technology. Despite this obstacle, I was able to adapt my approach and find alternative solutions that allowed me to bring my vision to fruition using more readily available technology. By leveraging these tools, I was able to create a transformative experience that incorporated AI-generated personalized imagery and music to enhance the healing space.


Based on my research and experimentation, the ASCENE prototype that I developed was well received by six individuals who participated in my study. The feedback was entirely positive, indicating that there is significant potential for this product in the marketplace. Given the upward trajectory of the wellness industry, with increasing funding and interest, ASCENE is likely to fill a gap in the market. I have provided a detailed account of my project in both a thesis video and a compendium, which offer a comprehensive overview of my research, development, and final product.

MEET THE Designers:
Fernanda Zorrilla Gonzalez

Fernanda Zorrilla Gonzalez

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