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An app empowering gamers to shape the future of gaming chairs and beyond join the conversation today



Maki Villegas


With the ASeat4theTable app, gamers finally have a platform to voice their opinions and shape the direction of the gaming chair industry. No longer will their insights go unheard or unacknowledged. This innovative and inclusive space fosters meaningful discussions and inspires new ideas that could lead to groundbreaking advancements not just in gaming chairs but in any industry. It's finally time for gamers to have a rightful place at the table. Explore the app prototype here:


See the project video: 


Developing the ASeat4TheTable platform to improve the gaming experience for everyone involved presented several challenges. As a fellow member of the gaming community, one of the primary challenges was identifying the specific needs and preferences of gamers when it comes to gaming chairs. Additionally, creating a platform that would effectively connect gamers with chair companies in a mutually beneficial way was another challenge. Despite these obstacles, we developed a user-friendly and accessible platform that provided gamers with a way to share their feedback, and chair companies with valuable insights to improve their offerings.


The platform needed to provide a space where gamers could express their opinions while providing companies with insights to improve products. Additionally, creating a user-friendly platform accessible to all was essential. However, through our collaboration and use of user-friendly applications such as Discord and Twitch, we built a successful space for gamers and chair companies to work together. Ultimately, the ASeat4TheTable platform was an impactful tool for the gaming community, requiring careful consideration and collaboration.

MEET THE Designers:
Maki Villegas

Maki Villegas

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