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Buy Me Not

An app to help you become a conscious consumer



Andrea Iribarren


I went into this project with and awareness of object attachment and how we collect and consume material objects. Taking into account then, how consumerism and marketing targets us to keep buying without limits, I wonder how to reach a proper balance of purchasing real necessities and give priority to these items over so called impulse buys and trendy things. I attempt to change consumers' behavior so that they have better practices and more aware purchases that can also help their sustainability behaviors and pockets. I believe people can get attached to certain essential objects but should not be swayed into over consumerism nor hoarding.


See the project video: 


It was very tricky to find a middle ground in which to settle. This meant I had to take a stance and make my opinion heard, which did not come so easily for me at first. At the beginning of the project, I saw myself with a reflective piece, rather than something more along the lines of a call for action. It was difficult reaching a medium and idea that promoted wellness and was not too 'bossy'. In general, such a long, investigative process is not something I am so comfortable with, so I have had to step our of my comfort zone.


After 2 semesters of Capstone, I can now present Buy Me Not. This app is a wellness concept for conscious consumerism; with Buy Me Not the user can really think about their impulse buys and ask for second opinion with the quiz. They can also store their purchases in a memory-keeping inventory that flas out too many repeated purchases or any excessiveness as well as sharing their progress in the form of Weekly Stats Rankings among friends to further promote these better practices. With small steps and cutbacks, Buy Me Not helps you be a more sustainable, saving, informed consumer.

MEET THE Designers:
Andrea Iribarren

Andrea Iribarren

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