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Candylab Collabs

Teaming up with iconic Americana fashion brands



Peyton Wallace

Dax Reedy

Gabriella Sims


The question we were to address was how might Candylab Toys expand beyond the toy market into collectibles or other categories within the gift industry? We proposed bringing Candylab into the fashion world. By collaborating with brands that are classic, multi-generational, durable, known and desired worldwide, Candylab can broaden its customer base and create timelessly sought-after Americana collectibles. While showing what a CandyCar could look like for Converse, Tiffany, and Patagonia, we chose to further demonstrate our idea with the national staple, Levi’s blue jeans. We made the JeanCar, utilizing scraps of authentic Levi’s denim, and shot a promotional video for this new product.


See the project video: 


The initial challenge we faced was identifying which direction to take our project. From there, our challenges involved the decision of which brand to collaborate with. Our original idea being to partner with Balenciaga did not align with Candylab’s aesthetic and values. Taking inspiration from one of the things that makes Candylab so distinct and popular, its Americana aesthetic, we decided to look to brands that shared this. Narrowing down from the four brands—Converse, Tiffany, Levi’s, and Patagonia—that aligned perfectly with Candylabs was also a challenge. Levi’s ultimately felt the strongest to us, which led us to creating a final deliverable we were all proud to create and share.


As a group, we felt strongly about exploring the fashion market, eventually settling down on various brands that uphold the iconic Americana aesthetic. We showcased various prototypes of CandyCars inspired by tried and true brands, such as Converse, Tiffanys, Patagonia, and Levi’s. We chose to show a diverse range of brands that aligned with Candylabs brand identity. While these were the brands we focused on, there are many adjacent brands that our idea could apply to. We decided to focus on Levis after learning that Candylab had internally explored covering a car with fabric. Our first JeanCar can eventually inspire a whole direction with other brand collaborations and materials.

MEET THE Designers:
Peyton Wallace
Dax Reedy
Gabriella Sims
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