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A personalized vintage resale business



Chloé Lazard


My clothing resale business model is a consignment model, which gives consigners a better percentage of sale than competitors and giving perspective buyers a personalized experience to know who's closest they are shopping. This helps cut down on fast fashion waste, while keeping consignment and resale a chic and elegant experience. Each pop up is further curated for the specific clientele for each geographic market.


See the project video: 


The most difficult challenges was the physical workload. Countless hours of tagging clothing. Lugging racks of clothing all over NYC and even to another state. Most consigners were more than happy to sell their clothing with me, so inventory was not a struggle...however that inventory quickly began to take up a lot of space, which became a challenge. Luckily family allowed me to store with them for a short term.


With a gross profit of nearly 3,000 dollars, the project was a success. I also still have plenty of inventory left over to continue the business model after I graduate. I think the biggest conclusion I reached was that people indeed are willing to shop resale to help cut down on fast fashion waste, but tend to be more inclined with a more personalized shopping experience. And like they always say: one of the most important aspects of the business model is LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

MEET THE Designers:
Chloé Lazard

Chloé Lazard

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