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Designed Literature

A commentary on Approximations to the Object



Pedro Bernstein


Designed Literature is fun, bumpy, confusing, weaved, fussy, experimental, bridged, conceptual, imaginary, process-based. The project explores the intersection of making and writing to unravel the imaginary and fictional possibilities of design. It proposes design as a fictional device for writing and challenges assumptions around design-solutions and reality.


See the project video: 


To challenge a solution is to admit a question as a solution. An inquiry is a solution. Along the way, what was confirmed was that what is fictional is not fake, and in turn, it is often more true because it operates in its own logic, it escapes what we have been told is “real." Fiction and writing allows us to see what design has always been capable of. To highlight that the act of design is about re-imagining, it's about stepping back, about challenging assumptions; it's an act of future making. Transdisciplinary exchanges between words and objects, literature and design, enable new avenues for thought.


As designers we must challenge assumptions. We must bring fiction, speculation and poetry to our work. These expand ways of being and understanding the possibilities of our world, and the narrow realities in which we exist. The project outcome was a 78 page printed book (a written) and three objects that bifurcated from that very writing. Additionally, a video was assembled to communicate the ideas developed in the book to wider audiences.

MEET THE Designers:
Pedro Bernstein

Pedro Bernstein

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