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PLTN Academy

A platform for public pedagogy curated for and by Black Gen Z



Lindsee Downer


This is PLTN's first major initiative, starting in the mutual aid area of knowledge. We believe that in order to create change in the world, one must be educated about the world and ways to make change. We reject academic spaces as the bar: by sharing your practice, you become an educator, and by listening and applying, you become a practitioner.


See the project video: 


The research leg of this project was extensive, consisting of 30+ conversational engagements and over 40 secondary sources. It was critical to diversify this research from white normative notions of accuracy and professionalism, and upon synthesis, to depart from that concept of canon altogether in developing pedagogical frameworks. This was especially difficult while developing this project in the context of the academic spaces I sought to critique.


Phase One of PLTN Academy is a website homebase meant to make these knowledge exchanges accessible and recognize them in the greater context of the Black canon. The living archive will be updated quarterly with content sourced from Black thinkers and creatives about their projects, processes, and analyses.

MEET THE Designers:
Lindsee Downer

Lindsee Downer

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