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An up-cycling event for end of life product management



Chalsi Lee

Raul Zambrano

Saraya Smith


RE-WICH is a biannual event at the 59th Street Chilewich store offering bespoke customization services geared to reinvigorate interest in older products. Leveraging the longevity of the product lifespan, RE-WICH will inspire customers to cherish their placemats longer and actualize the environmental benefit. The event comprises five activities: mat cleaning, debossing, screen printing, as well as the opportunity to swap mats and list their renewed mats online in the Chilewich RE-WICH tab on their website. Focusing on people over profit leads to an increase in engaged consumers, brand loyalty, and profits while growing a new resale market.


See the project video: 


Knee-jerk reactions pertaining to plastics and their relationship with sustainability is to recycle-however-Chilewich’s products are not readily recyclable; in part of their commitment to sustainability, Chilewich opted for a patented TerraStrand with soybean derivatives as opposed to petroleum which allows them to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and keep harmful phthalates out of their products. How might we design a structure resembling a closed loop cycle for Chilewich mats; one that keeps consumers engaged with products existing in the ecosystem so that we can leverage their longevity and actualize some environmental benefits by reducing the need to consume more while keeping them out of landfills?


Our approach to respond to Chilewich’s brief to “make meaningful progress towards becoming a more environmentally responsible company while retaining their commitment to offering beautiful, durable and long-lasting, American-made products rooted in original design” was well received and created anticipation by consumers and the Chilewich brand. The interactive event aimed to give their placements a second life, as well as introduce a new ecommerce segment proved to be feasible and favorable.

MEET THE Designers:
Chalsi Lee
Raul Zambrano
Saraya Smith
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