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Route 66

A Candylab Toys board game based on the 1960’s and inspired by road trips across the US



Hanna Benchimol

Fiona Bradley


After contemplating different strategies to appeal more to Candylab’s adult consumer and researching the multiple routes that we could take, we decided to combine the brand’s mid-century modern aesthetic, nostalgia, and theme of transportation into Route 66. Route 66 is a themed 1960’s road trip board game that incorporates the tactile qualities of playing with Candylab’s cars into an activity for all ages, where players compete with one another to travel from coast to coast collecting photos of landmarks along the way.


See the project video: 


One challenge that we overcame as a team was figuring out the strategy behind our desired gameplay. The research and design process was slightly more difficult that we anticipated because of how many factors must be considered for a game to be playable, but also easy to understand for all ages, and complex enough that players want to play it many times over in the future without getting bored. We did research on many transportation-themed board games and the elements that contributed to their gameplay and used them as inspiration to craft our various iterations.


Our final deliverable is a digital mockup of the Route 66 board game, complete with rules and packaging. Our conclusions were that Candylab already has the desired target audience for a project of this magnitude, making it easier to create and advertise something that is a little different from their current product selection. We worked hard to create something that still felt very true to the brand and that didn’t steer away from their current aesthetic. The result? A fun-for-all-ages idea that will resonate with both old and new customers.

MEET THE Designers:
Hanna Benchimol
Fiona Bradley

Hanna Benchimol

Fiona Bradley

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