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The Bazaar Experience

ZARIZAR’s expansion to the NYC luxury market



Raema Grover

Teresa Eleonora

Olivia Hurst


ZariZar is a luxury shawl brand hailing from culturally-rich Aurangabad. As a representation of traditional Indian craftsmanship, ZariZar has failed to reach its target audience. Our team saw this as an opportunity to reposition the brand in the luxury goods sector, specifically targeting the Non-Resident Indian market. With limited opportunities for the South Asian community to celebrate their heritage, we strategically partnered with SANYFW and The Juggernaut to create a unique brand purpose launching them in the SANYFW Bazaar and creating the ZariZar Exhibit.


See the project video: 


Working with a small brand such as ZariZar posed various challenges in terms of justifying its high price point through product excellence. One such challenge was the brand's lack of recognition and online presence, necessitating that we build it up from scratch, starting with marketing and promotion. Although this posed a unique opportunity to bring our own creative vision to the table, it also required extensive effort to establish a strong brand identity. Our ultimate objective was to elevate ZariZar to the status of a luxury fashion brand while simultaneously establishing a unique brand positioning that resonated with consumers to rediscover the intricate artistry and cultural significance of Indian shawls.


We were able to create a compelling vision and aesthetic for the brand that stayed true to its traditions and traditional craftsmanship while also highlighting its unique selling points. Both the Bazaar and the ZariZar Exhibit create immersive spaces for buyers, customers, press, and more to experience the ZariZar products in real life. These events highlight the new vision we created for ZariZari, and solidify the brand's space in the fashion industry. These spaces will not only promote the success of the brand but also help South Asians connect with their cultural heritage. By creating these spaces, we hope to promote a sense of pride and belonging among South Asians and help the brand gain recognition and success in the market.

MEET THE Designers:
Raema Grover
Teresa Eleonora
Olivia Hurst
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