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The Future of Clothing

Redesigning fashion's value chain to bring back a deeper connection to clothing



Ryan Cho


We have redesigned the process of fashion production by elevating creative value and emotional connection in the tech pack, which could result in garments that are more meaningful and beautiful, thus addressing the issue of mass-produced garments lacking personality and emotional appeal.


See the project video: 


The challenge in creating the physical prototype was finding a balance between personal emotion and efficiency, diverging from the previous bias towards directness. The difficulty of sewing added an extra layer of hardship. These experiences could inform future efforts towards incorporating creativity and emotion into the fashion production process.


The present project involved the creation of both a physical anorak design and a digital tech pack prototype. A significant outcome of this project was the establishment of a heightened emotional connection to the garment during the process of ideation, creation, iteration, and problem-solving. This augmented relationship between myself and the product was evident in the final deliverables, which exemplify the revival of beauty and emotional attachment in fashion that made me fall in love with it.

MEET THE Designers:
Ryan Cho

Ryan Cho

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