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Your Waste Is Taking Up Space

Make room for mushroom packaging



Aqua Wood


Where will the blue bin take you? From delivering our beloved Adidas Samba’s to our favorite sparkly prom heals, a shoebox delivers magic but gets trapped in an inescapable recycling system where only 5% of your packages are recycled. What if Adidas shoe boxes could feed a new life into our favorite basil plant and not have to travel hundreds of miles to meet its death? I am proud to offer the solution to shoe box waste where mushrooms will give a new life to shoe packaging with an attachable handle made from cactus leather which will eliminate the need for an in-store bag and give your box a unique and stylish touch.


See the project video: 


Realizing I did not have a unique selling point was disheartening but it was also a great opportunity to reevaluate my niche in the market. The shoe market is an ideal space for mushroom-based packaging because of its appreciation of exclusivity. Sneaker-heads and collectors often eagerly await the release of limited-edition shoes, willing to pay premium prices for highly sought-after items. The pricing of mushroom packaging production will be justifiable in this context as the target market is already accustomed to paying high prices. By positioning the packaging as premium, high quality, and design centric, I can establish myself as a desirable element.


Upon realizing there was nothing setting me apart from existing mushroom packaging companies, I collected data from 212 people aged between 20 and 57. I was able to discover that 82% received a bag to hold their shoes, 70% owned plants, and 95% of those would be more interested in a shoe brand that used mushroom packaging. I concluded that the primary issue was two-fold - companies were pushing forward for a green future, and customers had no option but to accept the non-environmental choices of a company. I am presenting a model of responsibility on the corporate side, while truly integrating the customer into the channel of choice: they get to decide the ending for their waste.

MEET THE Designers:
Aqua Wood

Aqua Wood

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