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Bringing experience back to e-commerce

A journey in revitalizing the vendor/customer e-commerce experience through advancing brand recognition and shopping experiences to grow Amazon Saudi Arabia’s penetration and targeting rates.

Tayma Ali, Lochlyn Clark, Drew Ruben


Amazon launched in Saudi Arabia last June with after acquiring local company in 2017. While online shopping is still at its early growth stages in Saudi as compared to retail shopping, the pandemic offered Amazon sa an opportunity to grow this segment as a result of the lockdown and more people having to stay home and shop online.

Our mission is to have Amazon sa become the leader in the market and triple its penetration all while leveraging on the growing youthful audience, Gen-Z, which makes up 50% of the population and has more than 100% connectivity.


Originally, we developed a strategy to attract both customers and sellers through one solution. We soon realized that it was a two-fold problem that needed a two-fold interconnected solution.

We needed to understand how to attract vendors who believed selling on Amazon would downgrade their image. We also needed to understand how to attract customers that preferred to shop from local brands where they enjoy a more familiar and personalized experience.

Another challenge we faced was figuring out how to connect vendor development to customer experience while appealing to Gen-Z customers.


Our evolved goal is now to attract trendy vendors and therefore their Gen-Z customers by increasing brand awareness and improving the customer experience on Amazon.SA We created a strategy to achieve this through increasing brand recognition and renovating customer experience through small changes with UI/UX will allow us to on-board new vendors and attract/retain their customers. We wanted to make the customer’s experience shopping on a more comfortable and personalized experience.

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