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KIN aims to increase product variation and promote small businesses & shop local.

Nicole Berns, Kayla Calvo, Isabel Santana


Since the beginning of the project KIN realized the importance of small businesses within the region and how that could play a key role when it comes to measuring the success of Amazon in the region. KIN aims to work alongside Amazon to celebrate these small businesses that are not only so important to the country but also it’s a way to collaborate with vendors by expanding their product offering and reach. We emphasize the concept of shop local through a month where the focus is celebrating small businesses. Much like black history month in Amazon in America, we plan to create a specific landing page and plan our social media content around these small businesses and their owners.


At the beginning of this project the challenges that we faced were interesting because we had never worked with a country like this before. The restrictions within Saudi Arabia were very different from the restrictions in the US. All of our processes had to change, how we were used to working went out the window and we had to adjust all of our techniques. Overall, this was a very good learning lesson for our future careers because you never know who your client will be or where they are from. Learning to adapt to your client is a very important lesson we all learned.


The conclusions that we reached were very interesting for us. In the end we were able to separate the work evenly and give each person the opportunity to show their strengths. The project outcome was that KIN could work directly with Amazon with the aim to connect with both saudi customers and vendors. The goal of our project was to increase product variation as well as celebrate those small businesses that Saudi Arabia loves and celebrates already on a day-to-day basis. By taking into account both the customer and the vendor standpoint, Amazon can work towards bridging the gap between corporation and shopping local. We found that the perfect way to integrate this was to create a month where its main focus was celebrating the local products and vendors. By creating a new landing page and integrating this with social media the impact could be larger and stronger.

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